Conference Introduction

The Second International Conference on Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection will be held on November 20-22, 2017 in Sanya, China. It aims to provide a good platform for scholars and researchers in the field of energy and environmental protection to discuss the latest developments and achievements, work out good solutions, and make contributions.


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IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES)
Online ISSN: 1755-1315   Print ISSN: 1755-1307
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Latest accepted papers (UpdateTime: May 26, 2017)

EEEP11683: Research of waste heat energy efficiency for absorption heat pump recycling thermal power plant circulating water
Li Zhang,Yu Zhang,Liansheng Zhou,Kun Wang,ZiyueWang,Guohao Li ,Bin Qu
The waste heat energy efficiency for absorption heat pump recycling thermal power plant circulating water was analyzed. After the operation of heat pump…

EEEP17198: CBM Resources/Reserves Classification and Evaluation Based on PRMS Rules
Guifang FA, Zuoqian WANG, Jian ZHAO, Jun LAN and Mingjun XIA
This paper introduces a set of definitions and classification requirements for coalbed methane (CBM) resources/reserves, based on Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS). The basic CBM classification criterions of…

EEEP17792: Dustfall Design of Open Coal Yard in the Power Plant —A Case Study on the Closed Reconstruction Project of Coal Storage Yard in Shengli Power Plant
Kunpeng Wang,Weidong Ji,Feifei Zhang,Wei Yu,Runqing Zheng
This thesis, based on the closed reconstruction project of the coal storage yard of Shengli Power Plant which is affiliated to Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Administration, first makes an analysis…

EEEP13514: The optimal ecological factors and the denitrification population of a denitrifying process for sulfate reducing bacteria inhibition
Chunying Li
SRB have great negative impacts on the oil production in Daqing Oil field. A continuous-flow anaerobic baffled reactors (ABR) are applied to investigate the feasibility…

EEEP19592: Multi - objective Optimization Evaluation Method Based on Coordination Control Algorithm for Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch
Jiangzhou Cheng,Fang Xuan,Yewen Wei,Cai Zhu,Zihao Zou
The Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch is a kind of novel reactive power compensation device which supplies continuous reactive power. In this paper, the conventional control method of…

EEEP12602: Hydro turbine governor’s power control of hydroelectric unit with sloping ceiling tailrace tunnel
Liang Fu, Changli Wu, Weiping Tang
The primary frequency regulation and load regulation transient process when the hydro turbine governor is under the power mode of hydropower unit with sloping ceiling tailrace are analyzed…

EEEP18949: A new three-variable-parameter nonlinear Muskingum model
Ling Kang, Liwei Zhou
The Muskingum model is an effective flood routing technology in hydrology and water resources Engineering. With the development of optimization technology, more and more variable-parameter Muskingum models were presented…

EEEP14633: Preparation of iron-modified portlant cement adsorbent and the investigation of its decolorization performance
B Jiang*, H F Wang, Y Li and Z Li
The ordinary portland cement was modified by ferric salt impregnation method. Through the technologies of x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectroscopy, the physicochemical properties of modifying cement…

EEEP15032: Spatial and temporal characteristics of PM2.5 and source apportionment in Wuhan
Hanzhou HAO, Qianqian GUO
In order to study the pollution characteristics and sources of PM2.5, the PM2.5 in Wuhan atmosphere was sampled continuously. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) were employed to measure…

EEEP17368: Study on long-range correlation about CODMn in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet on the basis of DCCA method
Lili Wang, Zuhan Liu*, Kai Shi and Chunqiong Liu
Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis (DCCA) is applied to the the long-range correlation analysis of CODMn series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet in China…
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Call for paper

The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is including but not limited to:

Energy Engineering
  • The wind
  • Solar energy
  • Development and utilization of new energy
  • New energy
  • Clean energy
  • New energy technology
  • Thermal energy and power engineering
  • Nuclear engineering and nuclear fuel Engineering
  • Nuclear engineering and nuclear technology
  • Nuclear reactor engineering
  • Radiation protection
  • Energy storage technology
  • Energy saving technology
Environmental Protection
  • Environmental protection material
  • Environmental chemistry and Biology
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring
  • Environmental rehabilitation engineering
  • Water supply and drainage engineering
  • Cleaner production process
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  • Ecological environment protection
  • Forest cultivation and protection
  • Plant protection
  • Geographic information and Remote Sensing Science
  • Land resources environment and urban and rural planning
  • Pollution control project
  • Environmental safety and health