Best paper selection

  1. Among EEEP2020, 2019 and 2018 published papers, Top 10 most downloaded papers will be selected respectively and their authors will be awarded by the organizing committee (in one year after publishing)
  2. Top 10 most downloaded papers of EEEP2017 are as below (updated on March 22, 2019):
    Paper Title Total downloads
    Growing and testing mycelium bricks as building insulation materials 642
    Study of flue-gas temperature difference in supercritical once-through boiler 435
    Growing a green economy in China 255
    Research on treatment of wastewater containing heavy metal by microbial fuel cell 250
    Analysis of ecological environment impact of coal exploitation and utilization 244
    Artificial neural network analysis based on genetic algorithm to predict the performance characteristics of a cross flow cooling tower 240
    The development of marine renewable energy in China: prospects, challenges and recommendations 208
    Study on brush of moving electrode type electrostatic precipitator (MEEP) 198
    Research progress of on-line automatic monitoring of chemical oxygen demand (COD) of water 195
    NDVI-Based analysis on the influence of human activities on vegetation variation on Hainan Island 191
  3. Top 5 most downloaded papers of EEEP2016 are as below:
    • Roadmap of retail electricity market reform in China: assisting in mitigating wind energy curtailment
    • Analysis on spatial transfer model of energy development layout and the ecological footprint affection
    • An non-uniformity voltage model for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
    • Pollution evaluation of heavy metals in soil near smelting area by index of geoaccumulation (Igeo)
    • Research on three-phase unbalanced distribution network reconfiguration strategy

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