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  1. Among EEEP2022, EEEP2021, 2020, 2019 published papers, Top 10 most downloaded papers will be selected respectively and their authors will be awarded by the organizing committee (in one year after publishing).

  2. 10 frequently downloaded papers of EEEP2019 (updated on June 28, 2021):

    Paper Title Authors
    A review about radioactivity in TENORMs of produced water waste from petroleum industry and its environmental and health effects Mohsen M.M. Ali, Hongtao Zhao, Zhongyu Li and Anour A.T. Ayoub
    Review on oily sludge treatment technology Xuening Li, Fusheng Zhang, Baoshan Guan, Jianghe Sun and Gongqing Liao
    Differentiation of digestion method for heavy metals in river sediments based on organic matter gradients Jinbao Liu, Qiu Shen, Fang Wei, Zhenni Guo and Yingjie Tian
    Effect of altitude on thermal balance of a heavy-duty diesel engine Xiaoxuan Rao, Ronghua Huang, Runwu Huang, Pei Zhou, Yu Zhang and Sheng Huang
    Chainsaw location finding based on travelling of sound wave in air and ground Phumpichet Jubjainai, Sittichai Pathomwong, Poom Siripujaka, Na Chiengmai, Anek Chaiboot and Paramote Wardkein
    Natural circulation systems in nuclear reactors: advantages and challenges Nisrene M. Ahmed, Puzhen Gao and Solomon Bello
    Test study of the water quantity loss of cooling tower on U-type liquidometer Baohong Song
    Simulation and experiment of NOX concentration detection in diesel engine exhaust gas Xiaonan Liu, Ao Guo, Yanbo He, Yanlong Mu and Xiaotao Yang
    Investigations of optimized fin structures in a compact thermal energy storage panel Jinlong Xie, Wensheng Luo, Wei Zhang, Zhou Wu and Hsiao Mun Lee
    An investigation of haloacetic acid occurrence in indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Beijing China Shan Yao

  3. Below are 10 frequently downloaded papers of EEEP2018 (updated on July 29, 2020):

    Paper Title Authors
    Environmental processes and ecological effects of microplastics in the ocean Ruihan Wang and Xianbin Liu
    Water hyacinth as a possible bioenergy resource: A case of Lake Victoria, Kenya George Adwek, Gane Julius, Boxiong Shen, Meichen Lan, Kemunto M. Cecilia and Abel C. Yabo
    Current situation of pesticide residues and their impact on exports in China Pengjv Liu and Yanzhi Guo
    Exploring the potential for air pollution mitigation by urban green infrastructure for high density urban environment Likun Yang, Yangang Xing and Phil Jones
    Detecting the calcium carbonate saturation state under the stress of ocean acidification using saturometry technique Tingting Shi, Ying Wang, Yidong Zhao and Socratis Loucaides
    Uranium resources in China’s phosphate rocks – identifying low-hanging fruits Yiyang Ye, Nahhar Al-Khaledi, Lee Barker, Mohamed S. Darwish, et al.
    VOCs emission from an important industrial park in Tianjin, China Guangxun Liu, Weili Xi, Xueyi You, Yanli Zhi and Chao Li
    Microbial diversity in bentonite, a potential buffer material for deep geological disposal of radioactive waste Hongyan Liu, Xuhong Dang, Huifang Zhang, Juancong Dong, et al.
    Numerical simulation of thermal-hydraulic characteristics in a closed natural circulation system Qiang Wang, Puzhen Gao, Yuting Xu, Yinxing Zhang, Yuqi Lin and Zhongyi Wang
    Spatial modeling of PM2.5 concentrations using an optimized land use regression method in Jiangsu, China Xintong Wang and Yu Qian

  4. Top 10 most downloaded papers of EEEP2017 are as below (updated on March 22, 2019):

    Paper Title Total downloads
    Growing and testing mycelium bricks as building insulation materials 642
    Study of flue-gas temperature difference in supercritical once-through boiler 435
    Growing a green economy in China 255
    Research on treatment of wastewater containing heavy metal by microbial fuel cell 250
    Analysis of ecological environment impact of coal exploitation and utilization 244
    Artificial neural network analysis based on genetic algorithm to predict the performance characteristics of a cross flow cooling tower 240
    The development of marine renewable energy in China: prospects, challenges and recommendations 208
    Study on brush of moving electrode type electrostatic precipitator (MEEP) 198
    Research progress of on-line automatic monitoring of chemical oxygen demand (COD) of water 195
    NDVI-Based analysis on the influence of human activities on vegetation variation on Hainan Island 191

  5. Top 5 most downloaded papers of EEEP2016 are as below:

    • Roadmap of retail electricity market reform in China: assisting in mitigating wind energy curtailment
    • Analysis on spatial transfer model of energy development layout and the ecological footprint affection
    • An non-uniformity voltage model for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
    • Pollution evaluation of heavy metals in soil near smelting area by index of geoaccumulation (Igeo)
    • Research on three-phase unbalanced distribution network reconfiguration strategy

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