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Zhuhai-- A newly developed garden-style seaside resort city

Zhuhai is the glistening pearl of the South China Sea. Its name came from its location where the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea. Zhuhai is connected with Macao by highways and with Hong Kong by water, strategically neighboring Xinhui & Taishan City in the West and Zhongshan City in the North.

Zhuhai is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and is affectionately known as the City of a Hundred Islands. Its flat land is lined with majestic mountains in the back, overlooking magnificent natural stone structures, powder white beaches, astounding crescent bays and the blue sea dotted with hundreds of small islands. The city’s development and infrastructure exude a strong flavor of a uniquely modern seaside garden.

Some of the major attractions include the grand cultural site of the New Yuan Ming Palace, the Four Great Buddhist Mountains, the Pearl Land, Jiuzhou City, Zhuhai Fisher Girl, Zhuxian Cave, Water World of Baiteng Lake, Golden Sand Beach, aquariums, Ocean Park, and Mount Banzhang.

EEEP2022 - Zhuhai EEEP2022 - Old Summer Palace

EEEP2022 - Jiuzhou City EEEP2022 - Zhuhai Fisher Girl EEEP2022 - Zhuxiandong

EEEP2022 - Golden beach EEEP2022 - Lotus Road

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