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Prof. Fanian Shi
Prof. Fanian Shi
School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, China

Speech title: Rare Earth Element Assisted Anode Materials for The Enhanced Energy Storage Performance
Abstract: Our team studied the electrochemical properties of new negative materials for lithium ion batteries (LIBs), especially the preparation of 3d-4f MOFs, explored the structures and lithium storage properties of LIBs. The combination of polymetal complexes, cobalt oxide and cerium oxide, cobalt oxide and perovskite (LaCoO3), and the influence of rare earth elements on lithium storage properties of the above series of composites were studied. The following three conclusions are summarized: 1. Under the same conditions, different crystal structures have a great impact on electrochemical performance, in other word, the higher capacity of complexes are with more stable structure with the help of rare earth; 2. Comparing with pure cobalt oxide (Co3O4), the electrochemical properties of Co3O4/CeO2 and Co3O4/LaCoO3 composites are greatly enhanced; 3. Cerium plays a stable role on the electrochemical properties of metal complexes and cobalt oxide, mainly inhibiting the decomposition of the complex structure and providing lithium ion transport channels to improve lithium storage performance.
Keywords: 3d-4f coordination polymer; Composite; Cerium oxide; Perovskite; Negative electrode

Dr. Benedetto Nastasi
Dr. Benedetto Nastasi
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Speech title: Hydrogen R&D projects for Renewable Energy Community

Abstract: Coming soon…

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