Keynote Speakers

Prof. Wenzhe Tang
Tsinghua University
Prof. Alam Md. Mahbub
Harbin Institute of Technology

Speech Title:Theoretical and numerical analysis of the origin of thrust of pitching hydrofoil
Abstract:Theoretical and numerical analysis of the origin of the thrust on a forced pitching hydrofoil is done in this work....View More
Prof. Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides
Department of Engineering, Texas Christian University, USA

Speech Title:Technical Problems and Resolutions for the Substitution of Fossil Fuels with Renewables
Abstract: A common misconception with the substitution of fossil fuels with wind and solar energy for the production of electric power is that electric energy supplied from these renewable sources may be increased without limit. However, the production of electricity from ...View More
Prof. Bin Chen
Xi’an Jiaotong University

Speech Title:Roadmap to the hydrogen based sustainable energy system
Abstract: Fossil energy utilization, particularly carbon-based fuel burning, has caused great environmental pollution. Building a sustainable energy system is one of the most critical issues to address. As an ideal energy carrier, ...View More
Prof. Chung-Shin Yuan
Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University,r3244.php?Lang=en

Speech Title: How Important of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions from Wetlands Influence on Global Warming Effects?
Abstract:Global warming is mainly caused by the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere. In addition to anthropogenic GHG emissions (i.e. coal-fired power plants and cement plants), natural GHG emissions have received a considerable attention ...View More
Prof. Deliang Chen
Zhengzhou University
Prof. Anhui Liang
Guangdong University of Technology
Prof. Dongsheng Li
Shantou University

Speech Title: Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Identification of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

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