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IOP Conference: Earth and Environmental Science (EES)

Latest accepted papers

(UpdateTime: August 3, 2017)

EEEP16447: Research on PM2.5 Emission Reduction Path of China 's Electric Power Industry Based on DEA Model
Y M Jin, Yang Fan and Liu Jun
Based on the theory of data envelopment analysis, this study constructs the environmental performance evaluation model of the power industry, analyzes the performance of development of clean energy, the implementation of electricity replacement…

EEEP17222: Feasibility study on an energy-saving desiccant wheel system with CO2 heat pump
Yefeng Liu*, Deren Meng, Shen Chen
In traditional desiccant wheel, air regeneration process occurs inside an open loop, and lots of energy is consumed. In this paper, an energy-saving desiccant wheel system with CO2 heat pump and closed loop air regeneration is proposed…

EEEP19005: Dynamic simulation in the process of pressurized denitration based on oxy-fuel combustion
Qiang HUANG, Jun LI, Liqi ZHANG, Dong ZHOU
Oxy-fuel combustion is considered as one of the most promising technologies for capturing CO2 from coal-fired power plants. It will greatly reduce the cost of gas purification if we remove NOx in the process of compression, which is the characteristic of oxy-combustion…

EEEP18755: Short-term PV/T module temperature prediction based on PCA-RBF neural network
J Y Li,Z D Zhao,Y S Li,J Xiao,Y F Tang
Aiming at the non-linearity and large inertia of temperature control in PV/T system, short-term temperature prediction of PV/T module is proposed, to make the PV/T system controller run forward according to the short-term forecasting situation…

EEEP17286: Growing a green economy in China
Weng Qingqing
With the rapid development of economy, resource depletion and environmental degradation have become serious challenges for Chinese sustainable development. Green development is a mode of well-environmental and high-quality economic development…

EEEP17154: Key issues in theoretical and functional pneumatic design
Z G Xu, D Y Yang, W M Liu, T T Liu
This paper studies the energy release of the pneumatic engine in different thermodynamic processes, the isothermal process is the highest power output process, while adiabatic process is the lowest energy output process, and the energy release of the pneumatic engine is a multi-state thermodynamic process…

EEEP17488: Catamaran or Semi-Submersible for Floating Platform – Selection of a Better Design
Idrees Qasim, Liangtian Gao and Bo Liu
With nonstop advancement in marine engineering, more and more new structures are being designed and explored for tidal current energy. There are three different kinds of support structures for tidal current power station mostly in use…

EEEP11058: Enhancement of methylbenzene adsorption capacity through cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide-modified activated carbon derived from Astragalus residue
N Feng, W fan, Y Zhang and M Zhu
Activated carbon was prepared from astragalus residue by KOH and then treated with cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) and used for the removal of methylbenzene from aqueous solution. The samples were characterized by FTIR, XRD, SEM and…

EEEP18800: Study on energy-saving performance of a transcritical CO2 heat pump for food thermal process applications
Yefeng Liu*, Jun Yu, Qi Wu
In food processing, there are significant simultaneous demands of cooling, warm water and hot water. Most of the heated water is used only once rather than recycled. Current heating and cooling systems consume much energy…

EEEP11661: Well pattern optimization in a low permeability sandstone reservoir: A case study from Erlian Basin in China
XIA WANG , Lixia FU*, Aihua YAN,Mingjun CHEN, Fajun GUO, Cong WU, Xiuqin LU, Hong CHEN, Xinying WANG, Fan ZHANG, Ming LU, Zhao XUE
Study on optimization of development well patterns is the core content of oilfield development and is a prerequisite for rational and effective development of oilfield. The study on well pattern optimization mainly includes types of well patterns and density of well patterns. This paper takes the Aer-3 fault block as an example…

EEEP13641: Outlook and application analysis of energy storage in power system with high renewable energy penetration
Jun-shu Feng, Fu-qiang Zhang
To realize low-emission and low-carbon energy production and consumption, large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy has been put into practice in China. And it has been recognized that power system of future high renewable energy shares can operate more reliably with the participation of energy storage…

EEEP13469: Remote sensing study of the impact of vegetation on thermal environment in different contexts
Qijiao Xie, Yingjiao Wu, Zhixiang Zhou, Zhengxiang Wang
Satellite remote sensing technology provides informative data for detecting the land surface temperature (LST) distribution and urban heat island (UHI) effect remotely and regionally. In this study, two Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) images acquired on September 26, 1987…

EEEP13921: Integrated Application of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Poly-generation PV Radiant Panel System of Zero energy buildings
Baoquan Yin
A new type of combined cooling, heating and power of photovoltaic radiant panel (PV/R) module was developed, and its application in the zero energy buildings was presented in this paper. The energy system of this building is composed of PV/R module…

EEEP17183: Research on fault diagnosis of asymmetric stator winding for doubly-fed induction generators
Hongzhong Ma, Yan Zhang, Siyuan Li, Zhenfei Chen, Zhengdong Zhang
Magnetic field distribution, stator negative-sequence current, stator phase-angle difference between phase currents, and instantaneous rotor power were studied by theoretical analysis, modeling and simulation, experiment after stator winding fault in doubly-fed induction generators…

EEEP17009: Economic Benefit Evaluation for Renewable Energy Transmitted by HVDC Based on Production Simulation (PS) and Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)
Jinfang Zhang,Kuan Zheng, Jun Liu
In order to support the north and west china’s renewable energy (RE) development and enhance the RE accommodation in reasonable level, the HVDC’s operation curves need to do some change to follow the output characteristic of RE…

EEEP19073: Study of Shale Reservoir Nanometer-sized Pores in Member 1 of Shahejie Formation in JX Area, Liaozhong Sag
Yong Cheng, Yu Zhang, Yiming Wen*, Wei Wu
The microscopic pore structure is the key of the shale reservoir study; however, traditional Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) methods cannot identify the irregular morphology caused by mechanical polishing…

EEEP12212: Analysis of ecological environment impact of coal exploitation and utilization
Based on the theory of life cycle assessment, the ecological and environmental impacts of coal mining, processing, utilization and transportation will be analyzed, and to find out the ecological and environmental problems in the development and utilization of coal…

EEEP16877: An Energy Management for Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Improved Dynamic Programming
H Peng, Y Q Yang and C Y Liu
With more and more numbers of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), management for two energy sources, engine and battery, is more important to achieve the minimum fuel consumption. This paper introduces several working modes of series hybrid electric vehicle (SHEV) firstly and then describes the mathematical model of…

EEEP19323: Manganese oxide arrays on carbon fiber paper and its application for PEMFC
Lu Lu, Yu Zhao, Han Deng, Bing Xu*, Hui Xu and Hongwen Liu
C-MnO2 was synthesized by direct hydrothermal decomposition of KMnO4. The structure and morphology of C-MnO2 was characterized by XRD and SEM, electrochemical performances were investigated…

EEEP15161: Factors Analysis of PM2.5 Emission Reduction in Chinese Thermal Power Industry Based on LMDI Model
Y M Jin, X T Zhang and Liu Jun
The Laspeyres index and its complete decomposition method are introduced to construct a complete decomposition model of PM2.5 emission reduction in power industry. Based on the scenario analysis, the main driving factors of the emission reduction…

EEEP14390: Middle Holocene Precipitation Change and its Effects to Prehistorical Human Activities in the Gonghe Basin, Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Xiaoqing Hou,Guangliang Hou,Fangfang Wang,Qingbo Wang
Northeastern Qinghai-tibet Plateau is considered the ideal region for study of the climate change during the Holocene. Based on the meteorological data, the surface & fossil pollen data, this paper reconstructed the precipitation series of the region…

EEEP14818: Study of Flue-Gas Temperature Difference in Supercritical Once-through Boiler
Kang Yanchang,LI Bing and Ang Song
The 600 MW coal-fired once-through Boiler with opposed firing at a power plant is found to experience marked temperature variation and even overtemperature on the wall of the heating surface…

EEEP13561: Mismatch Detecting Method of centralized PV station
R X Fan, N Xu, J R Miao and D Xie
For the centralized PV station which uses panels constructed with by-pass diode, the mathematical model of U-I relationship is established considering mismatch…

EEEP16789: Study on the Effect of Innovative Leaching Solvent on the Oil Removal for Oily Drilling Cuttings
C Ma, L Li, Y P Yang, W W Hao, Q Zhang and J Lv
A new type of leaching solvent for oily drilling cuttings was developed, and the effect of leaching solvent on the oil removal was investigated. The results indicated that the leaching solvent had good capacity of oil removal…

EEEP13959: Investigation and Comprehensive Evaluation of the litter Pollution on the Heishijiao Beach in Dalian
Han Mengdi, Zhao kaiyuan, Zhang Yan,Sui Chuanguo
From November 2015 to August 2016, this paper conducted an investigation into the classification of the garbage on the Heishijiao beach in Dalian, and made a comprehensive evaluation of the garbage pollution on the beach in different seasons…

EEEP16691: Two tradeoffs between economy and reliability in the maximum LOLP constrained UC
Yuan Liu, Mingqiang Wang, Xingyao Ning
Spinning reserve (SR) should be scheduled considering the balance between economy and reliability. To address the computational intractability cursed by the computation of LOLP, many probabilistic methods use simplified formulations of LOLP to improve the computational efficiency…

EEEP13699: Three mechanisms model of shale gas in real state transport through a single nanopore
Dongdong Li, Yanyu Zhang, Peng Li, Yuliang Su
At present, the apparent permeability models of shale gas consider only the viscous flow and Knudsen diffusion of free gas, but do not take into account the influence of surface diffusion. Moreover, it is assumed that shale gas is in ideal state. In this paper, shale gas is assumed in real state…

EEEP15355: Adsorption kinetics of SO2 on powder activated carbon
Bing Li, Qilong Zhang and Chunyuan Ma
The flue gas SO2 adsorption removal by powder activated carbon is investigated based on a fixed bed reactor. The effect of SO2 inlet concentration on SO2 adsorption is investigated and the adsorption kinetics is analyzed…

EEEP19310: R/S analysis based study on long memory about CODMn in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet
Lili Wang
Rescaled range analysis (R/S) is applied to the long memory behavior analysis of water CODMn series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet in China. The results show that these CODMn series are characterized by long memory, and the characteristics have obvious differences…

EEEP14169: Experimental study of acoustic agglomeration and fragmentation on coal-fired ash
Shen Guoqing, Huang Xiaoyu, He Chunlong, Zhang Shiping, An Liansuo, Wang Liang, Chen Yanqiao, Li Yongsheng
As the major part of air pollution, inhalable particles, especially fine particles are doing great harm to human body due to smaller particle size and absorption of hazardous components. However, the removal efficiency of current particles filtering devices is low…

EEEP15952: Performance Analysis on a Large Scale Borehole Ground Source Heat Pump in Tianjin Cultural Centre
Baoquan Yin, Xiaoting Wu*, Yan Wang, Chen Song
In this paper, the temperature distribution of the geothermal field for the vertical borehole ground-coupled heat pump was tested and analysed. Besides the borehole ground-coupled heat pump, the system composed of the ice storage, heat supply network and cooling tower…

EEEP12356: Removal of Mercury in Waste Water Using Activated Red Mud
Yutao Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Song Zhou, Yingxia He
Heat activated red mud was used to remove mercury ion (Hg2+) from water in this paper. The removal efficiency of red mud roasted at 400 to 900 ℃ for 4 to 10 h was measured. The structure of red mud samples which were activated…

EEEP17759: Growing and Testing Mycelium Bricks as Building Insulation Materials
Y Xing, MNJ Brewer, HM El-Gharabawy, GW Griffith & P. Jones
In order to improve energy performance of buildings, mineral insulation materials (such as polystyrene) are being used in increasing quantities, which may lead to potential problem with materials depletions and landfill disposal. One sustainable solution suggested is…

EEEP14135: A novel Fault Location Scheme for Power Distribution System Based on Injection Method and Transient Line Voltage
Yue-Hua Huang, Xiao-Min Li, Jiang-Zhou Cheng, De-Yu Nie
This paper presents a novel fault location method by injecting travelling wave current. The new methodology is based on Time Difference Of Arrival(TDOA)measurement which is available measurements the injection point and the end node of main radial…

EEEP14098: Simulation and energy analysis of distributed electric heating system
Yu Bo*,Han Shenchao,Yang Yanchun,Liu Mingyuan
Distributed electric heating system assists solar heating system by using air-source heat pump. Air-source heat pump as auxiliary heat source can make up the defects of the conventional solar thermal system can provide a 24 - hour high - efficiency work. It has certain practical value and practical significance…

EEEP12416: The prospects for limiting emissions from road transport: a case study for the Middle Odra and Poland
Maciej Dzikuć, Maria Dzikuć
The article presents selected aspects related to emissions that arise during road transport. These impurities are an important component of low emission, which is generated at a height of up to 40 m from the ground level…

EEEP17956: Determining fluoride ions in ammonium desulfurization slurry using an ion selective electrode method
Zhengwei Luo, Mulin Guo, Huihui Chen, Zhouyang Lian*, Wuji Wei*
Determining fluoride ions in ammonia desulphurization slurry using a fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE) is investigated. The influence of pH was studied…

EEEP11563: Research of Fe2O3 hollow sphere nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications
Yu Zhao, Yang Wen, Bing Xu, Lu Lu*, Reiming Ren
Well organized nanomaterials have attracted increasing interest in electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Hollow sphere Fe2O3 nanocomposites were successfully prepared through facile low temperature water-bath method…

EEEP15969: Active Distribution Network Planning Considering Linearized System Loss
Xiao Li, Mingqiang Wang, Hao Xu
In this paper, various distribution network planning techniques with DGs are reviewed, and a new multi-objective distribution network planning method is proposed. It assumes that the location of DGs and the topology of the network are fixed…

EEEP11165: China's energy carbon emissions peak and its relation to thermal power development
Guanjun Fu, Kuan Zheng and Junshu Feng
In this paper, the future carbon emissions in the energy industry and the power industry were both calculated by 2035, and the peak values were obtained…

EEEP14944: Thermodynamic System Integration of Solar-Coal-fired Power Plant
Lan Jing Wang, Zhi Yue Wang, Wen Jing Shao, Wen Feng Fu, Wen Sheng Zhao
Solar-assisted coal-fired thermal power plant is an important direction to achieve large scale use of solar energy. Based on the exergy analysis theory, the 660MW double reheat unit is taken as an example to analyze…

EEEP14800: Realization of BP neural network modeling based on NOX of CFB boiler in DCS
J Y Bai, Z J Zhu, J Wang, J Ying
In the CFB boiler installed with SNCR denitrification system, the mass concentration of NOX is difficult to be predicted by the conventional mathematical model, and the Step response mathematical model, obtained by using the step disturbance test…

EEEP13843: Preparation and multi-properties determination of radium-containing rocklike material
Changshou Hong*, Xiangyang Li, Fuliang Jiang, Ming Li, Shuai Zhan2, Hong Wang and Kaixuan Liu
The radium-containing rocklike material were fabricated using distilled water, ordinary Portland cement and additives mixed aggregates and admixtures according to certain proportion. The physico-mechanical properties as well as radioactive properties…

EEEP18194: Mosaic analysis for personal water consumption in residential buildings in Hong Kong
Y F Lo, L T Wong and K W Mui
This paper investigates the daily per capita residential water use based on the demographic and socio-economic factors described by Mosaic Hong Kong and provides insights into future water supply planning. A survey was conducted…

EEEP19967: Research on Structural Integration of Thermodynamic System for Double Reheat Coal-fired Unit with CO2 capture
Lan Jing Wang,Wen Jing Shao, Zhi Yue Wang,Wen Feng Fu,Wen Sheng Zhao
Taking the MEA chemical absorption carbon capture system with 85% of the carbon capture rate of a 660MW ultra-super critical unit as an example,this paper puts forward a new type of turbine which dedicated to supply steam to carbon capture system…

EEEP16208: Adsorption performance of mixed dyes on alkalization loofah fibers
Wang Yongli, Liu Jinyan, Li Xingxing
When the polyporous structures of loofah fiber is adequately exposed after alkali treatment,lignin, hemicellulose and pectin are removed. Specific surface area is increased to maximum, which means…

EEEP15383: The Comparative Analysis of Pre-flood Season Precipitation and Water Vapor Transportation over Guangdong before and after "Hiatus"
Lingli Fan
Relation between pre-flood season precipitation and water vapor transport in Guangdong was analyzed by using the monthly observed precipitation data, reanalysis data of ERA,NCEP/NCAR,OAFlux during 1979-2015, and the differences between before/after global warming "hiatus" were studied. Results showed that…

EEEP12843: Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine Oxalate from Rejected Liquid Rocket Propellant
Xiaogang Mu*, Jingjing Yang, Xuanjun Wang, Youzhi Zhang
The rejected liquid propellant unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) was converted to UDMH oxalate, which has commercial value. The UDMH oxalate structure and stability were investigated…

EEEP11683: Research of waste heat energy efficiency for absorption heat pump recycling thermal power plant circulating water
Li Zhang,Yu Zhang,Liansheng Zhou,Kun Wang,ZiyueWang,Guohao Li ,Bin Qu
The waste heat energy efficiency for absorption heat pump recycling thermal power plant circulating water was analyzed. After the operation of heat pump…

EEEP17198: CBM Resources/Reserves Classification and Evaluation Based on PRMS Rules
Guifang FA, Zuoqian WANG, Jian ZHAO, Jun LAN and Mingjun XIA
This paper introduces a set of definitions and classification requirements for coalbed methane (CBM) resources/reserves, based on Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS). The basic CBM classification criterions of…

EEEP17792: Dustfall Design of Open Coal Yard in the Power Plant —A Case Study on the Closed Reconstruction Project of Coal Storage Yard in Shengli Power Plant
Kunpeng Wang,Weidong Ji,Feifei Zhang,Wei Yu,Runqing Zheng
This thesis, based on the closed reconstruction project of the coal storage yard of Shengli Power Plant which is affiliated to Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Administration, first makes an analysis…

EEEP13514: The optimal ecological factors and the denitrification population of a denitrifying process for sulfate reducing bacteria inhibition
Chunying Li
SRB have great negative impacts on the oil production in Daqing Oil field. A continuous-flow anaerobic baffled reactors (ABR) are applied to investigate the feasibility…

EEEP19592: Multi - objective Optimization Evaluation Method Based on Coordination Control Algorithm for Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch
Jiangzhou Cheng,Fang Xuan,Yewen Wei,Cai Zhu,Zihao Zou
The Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch is a kind of novel reactive power compensation device which supplies continuous reactive power. In this paper, the conventional control method of…

EEEP12602: Hydro turbine governor’s power control of hydroelectric unit with sloping ceiling tailrace tunnel
Liang Fu, Changli Wu, Weiping Tang
The primary frequency regulation and load regulation transient process when the hydro turbine governor is under the power mode of hydropower unit with sloping ceiling tailrace are analyzed…

EEEP18949: A new three-variable-parameter nonlinear Muskingum model
Ling Kang, Liwei Zhou
The Muskingum model is an effective flood routing technology in hydrology and water resources Engineering. With the development of optimization technology, more and more variable-parameter Muskingum models were presented…

EEEP14633: Preparation of iron-modified portlant cement adsorbent and the investigation of its decolorization performance
B Jiang*, H F Wang, Y Li and Z Li
The ordinary portland cement was modified by ferric salt impregnation method. Through the technologies of x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectroscopy, the physicochemical properties of modifying cement…

EEEP15032: Spatial and temporal characteristics of PM2.5 and source apportionment in Wuhan
Hanzhou HAO, Qianqian GUO
In order to study the pollution characteristics and sources of PM2.5, the PM2.5 in Wuhan atmosphere was sampled continuously. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) were employed to measure…

EEEP17368: Study on long-range correlation about CODMn in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet on the basis of DCCA method
Lili Wang, Zuhan Liu*, Kai Shi and Chunqiong Liu
Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis (DCCA) is applied to the the long-range correlation analysis of CODMn series in Poyang Lake Inlet and Outlet in China…

EEEP11272: Process of Cyanide Mother Liquor in Caffeine Production
Junbo Zhou, Mingyang Yang, Wenjia Huang, Shenglu Cui and Liping Gao
Caffeine production in the production of methylated mother liquor contains a large amount of sodium methyl sulphate, in order to recycle the ingredient…

EEEP18919: Research status and evaluation system of heat source evaluation method for central heating
Y T Sun, J F Qi and Y Cao
The central heating boiler room is a regional heat source heating center. It is also a kind of the urban environment pollution, it is an important section of building energy efficiency…

EEEP15215: Research on Treatment of Wastewater containing Heavy Metal by Microbial Fuel Cell
Z X Chen, X Lu, R X Yin, Y Y Luo, H J Mai, N Zhang, J F Xiong, H G Zhang*, D G Luo, D Y Chen
With rapid development of social economy, serious problem has been caused by wastewater containing heavy metals, which was difficult to be treated…

EEEP12371: Design and Experimental Study on Desulphurization Process of Ship Exhaust
Mingyang Han, Shan Hao, Junbo Zhou and Liping Gao
This desulfurization process involves removing sulfur oxides with seawater or alkaline aqueous solutions and then treating the effluent by aeration and pH adjustment before discharging it into…

EEEP11952: Analysis of the Evolution of Precipitation in the Haihe River Basin of China under Changing Environment
X Y Ding*, J H Liu and J G Gong
Precipitation is one of the important factors of water cycle and main sources of regional water resources. It is of great significance to analyse the evolution of precipitation…

EEEP15573: Evaluation of Low Emission Zone Policy on Vehicle Emission Reduction in Beijing, China
Yi Zhang, Michel Andre, Yao Liu, Lin Wu, Boyu Jing and Hongjun Mao*
This study evaluates the effect of the LEZ in Beijing from the perspective of vehicle emission reduction based on developing an urban street-scale vehicle emission inventory on the basis of…

EEEP16908: Evaporative Crystallization of Salts from Electrodialysis Concentrated Brine at Atmospheric and Subatmospheric Pressures
Dong Wang, Wei Du, Penggao Cheng, Na Tang*, Xuekui Wang
A large amount of concentrated brine was produced as by-product during the process of the electrodialysis seawater desalination. In this study, the crystallization sequences of different salts from the brine…

EEEP15465: Improving the desulfurization Performance of CaCO3 with Sodium Humate
Run Feng,Zhiguo Sun,Hao Huang, Haihang Hu1, Li Zhang and Hongyong Xie
The influence of the factors on desulphurization efficiency was studied by changing the amount of calcium carbonate, the concentration of sulfur dioxide, the liquid flow rate…

EEEP19096: Biological Oxygen Demand in Soils and Hydrogel Compositions for Plant Protection of the Rhizosphere
A V Smagin
Potential biological activity of mineral and organogenic samples from light-textured sod-podzolic soils as well as of hydrogel compositions for protecting the root layer from pathogenic microflora and unfavorable edaphic factors were studied in laboratory conditions by...

EEEP13604: Significant advantages of sulfur-doped graphene in neutral media as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction comparing with Pt/C
Xinxin Shi, Jiaona Zhang and Tinglin Huang
Sulfur-doped graphene (SDG) has been found to be an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction. However, previous studies on the catalytic activity of SDG have been mainly confined to O2-saturated alkaline media which is a typical alkaline fuel cell environment...

EEEP18223: Space-ecology Set Covering Problem for modeling Daiyun Mountain Reserve, China
Chih-Wei Lin, Jinfu Liu, Jiahang Huang, Chunyan Lu, Xiang Que , Huiguang Zhang, Siren Lan, Wei Hong, Wenzhou Li
Site selection is an important issue in designing the nature reserve that has been studied over the years. However, a well-balanced relationship between preservation of biodiversity and site selection is still challenging. Unlike the existing methods…

EEEP15974: Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of MgBi2O6 with Ag additions
Liansheng Zhong, Chaohao Hu, Binqing Zhu, Yan Zhong, and Huaiying Zhou
Ag-doped MgBi2O6 photocatalysts were synthesized by the low temperature hydrothermal method in combination with heat treatment reaction using NaBiO3•2H2O, MgCl2•6H2O, and AgNO3 as raw materials. The products were…

EEEP11250: Effect of salinity and temperature on treatment of concentrated wastewater from RO by FO-MD
Yingru Zhou, Manhong HUANG and Qian Deng
In this study the appropriate temperature of the membrane distillation (MD) hot side (the permeation flux of MD was controlled by adjusting the hot side temperature) was selected according to the water flux of FO process so that…