Keynote Speakers

Prof. Marc Rosen Prof. Marc Rosen
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Title: Exergy Techniques for Addressing Energy and Environmental Management
Prof. Qiang Wang Prof. Qiang Wang
Henan University

Title: Microalgae base biofuel production and environmental application
Prof. Jin Su Jeong Prof. Jin Su Jeong
Universidad de Extremadura

Title: Renewable energy and STEM education application with operative MCDA/F-DEMAETL method for sustainable environment development
Prof. Benedetto Nastasi Prof. Benedetto Nastasi
Sapienza University of Rome

Title: Power to Hydrogen for Renewable Energy Communities
Prof. Alam Md. Mahbub Prof. Alam Md. Mahbub
Harbin Institute of Technology

Title: Flow around and heat transfer from modified-corner cylinder
Prof. Dongsheng Li Prof. Dongsheng Li
Shantou University

Title: A novel blade damage indicator with normalized modal difference for health monitoring of wind turbines
Prof. Farhad Shahnia Prof. Farhad Shahnia
Murdoch University

Title: Recent and Future Research on Microgrid Clusters
Prof. Fushuan Wen Prof. Fushuan Wen
Zhejiang University

Title: Analytical models for power system fault diagnosis: research history, state of the art, and challenges

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